Clifford School has introduced an abundance of professional Chinese and Western teachers for the implementation of bilingual education and for the actualization of the school mission framed by the school board. The School Director takes responsibility for the administration. The present School Director and the six school administration members are all experts, famous schoolmasters or famous kindergarten principals.
 The school has formed a team of senior teachers and special-class teachers which are the foundation of Chinese subjects teaching; a team of Western teachers with senior degrees, high quality and rich experience in English teaching overseas; and a team of vigorous teaching assistants and experienced and qualified life care aids. In our school, the proportion of faculty over students is 1:5. Therefore, each of our children, pupils or students enjoys sufficient attention and patient education.
 For all-English lessons, Clifford School has invited nearly 60 Western teachers from U.S.A., Canada, England, Australia and New Zealand. Chinese class hours over that of English is 4:3. Western teachers in our school all bear Bachelor of Arts degrees with half of them holding double Bachelor's degrees and Master's degrees.

 They not only have teacher certification issued by their own governments, but also teaching work permits granted by our foreign affair departments and educational administration. These Western teachers have brought Clifford School the most advanced concepts and methods of education, helping our children grow in a bilingual world.