Ms. Ginger Fell
Ms. Ginger Fell is a Canadian-accredited educator that has worked at Clifford School for seven years. She has worked in Junior High and Secondary, across all three programs: Bilingual, Manitoba and International. Her extra curricular credits have included Student Council, Model United Nations, Student Trip Coordinator, Student Movie Competition Organizer, and Student Teacher training. She is intensively involved with creation and expansion of the International library and has ordered over 5000 resources. For the past two years, Ms. Fell has been head of the Social Studies Department and has increased resources, communication and organization within her team. Ms. Fell currently teaches High School Geography to over 100 students and strives to help students make geographical connections to their self and their world. This year, she has increased her use of media and technology and spent her time putting together a website. This functions not only as a tool for her Geography students but is for parents/guardians as well C to help increase communication for all. Ms. Fell is always looking for new challenges and opportunities both professionally and personally and encourages her students to do the same.