Record of Prize Winning This Year

Congraduate to Cuiyejina, Won Second Prize in the Provincial Composition Contest

Cuiyejina, G11B student of our School, won second prize by her article I am with book of China among more than 31,000 manuscripts in the first Guangdong Province Secondary and Elementary Shuxiang Composition Contest, which held by the propaganda department of Provincial Party committee of Guangdong, news publication bureau of Guangdong Province and the Communist Youth League of Guangdong, (5 first prizes and 10 second prizes among them) The grand prize-awarding ceremony was held on Nov. 12 th . Cuiyejina has taken over the certificate and trophy cup from hands of vice-minister of propaganda department of Provincial Party committee, then being only representative to read aloud her article at the rostrum.

In the article, her plain writing style has annotated her love of Chinese traditional culture in terms of a Korean student. She has become the greatest brilliant point of this activity and been attached importance by the medias of Guangdong from all works of life. South Daily published the special interview to her on Nov. 12 th . After the awarding ceremony, she has accepted special interviews of the Radio Station of Guangdong Province and the TV Station of Guangdong Province.

Congratulations to the following students and teachers on their excellence in the 2005 Guangzhou Casio Cup Math Knowledge Application Competition for Seniors:




Coached by

Li Yan


1st Prize

Lu Wenjun

Wang Ruixiao


3rd Prize

Yang Jingru

Zhang Lei


3rd Prize

Yang Jingru

Congratulations to our students on receiving awards in Guangzhou English Competition for the Ninth Graders. Clifford School ranks No. 1 among the schools in Section D. The instructor is Miss Huo(Cindy).
The Individual Awards go to:
Kitty ChenThe first prize
Sam MaiThe first prize
Josh DuThe second prize

Clifford School student Zuo Yu Xi of Class9C and student Yang Liu Jing of G12C were in the 1st Prize Group in a Composition Contest at a district level