Recently, we are told that some people, taking advantage of our school¨s soaring reputation and regular vacancies for Western teachers, attract Foreign applicants online in the name of our school, and ask them to pay a considerable sum of ^deposit ̄ or ^house Rent ^ or ^Visa Fee ̄in USD. We hereby declare that these are sheer deception, because there is no such thing as ^deposit ̄ or similar charges upon any would-be employees by our school. Be it known to all and be alert!

  For information of our vacancies for Western staff or in any doubts about this, please visit our official website at and sent your application to our school official email address or directly contact our Foreign Affairs Office at (+8620)- 34631558.

  Of the said impostures above, we¨ve reported to the police. Interested applicants please resort to our official school website for true information, for your safety sake.

  Hence this declaration.

                           Clifford School