1.Registration Time 9:00a.m. of 8th June, 2015
2.Get Reservation No.: 9:00a.m. of 9th June, 2015
3.For more information about how to apply please click

How to apply

Parents who have completed the said on-line reservation successfully shall come to our Admission Office for payment on 10th of June. Late comers will not be served.

¥ For formal procedures of registration, you need to produce:
A.Application Form in duplicate, with student photo on one of them.
B.One copy of student identity (ID card, or Residence Book, or Passport).
C.Original of home-ownership in Clifford Estates (Certification issued by the sales office of Clifford Estates, Property Certificate or Purchase Contract, Student Residence (or Passport), and Student¨s birth certificate)
Age Program Class Hour
(1 hour/period)
Fee Total Fee Total
(1st hand CE homeowner)
1-2 Years CN Baby Class 2 periods/wk 5000 yuan/Term 4000 yuan/Term
2-3.5 years CN+EN Baby Class 4 periods/wk
(2CN + 2EN)
16000 yuan/Term 13800 yuan/Term

Immediate payment required for registration of BB Program. Above documentation needs Admission staff¨s signature for confirmation.

3If there is no vacancy in the Grade you are interested, you will enter a ^line-up for vacancy ̄ page. As long as there is any vacancy available, we will advise you as per the sequence number for registration at our school.

4BABY Program Age Requirement

English & Chinese Baby Class Chinese Baby Class
Grade AGE Qualification Grade AGE Qualification
EB(B1) 2-2.5 years old 2013.3.1~2013.8.31 B2 1~1.5 years old 2014.3.1~2014.8.31
EB(B2) 2.5~3.5 years old 2012.3.1~2013.2.28 B3 1.5~2 years old 2013.9.1 ~ 2014.2.28

Note: Your registration will be declined, even if you have got the registration number at hand, if your child's age is not up to our requirement.

Thank you for support and cooperation! Sorry for any possible inconvenience.
For more information, please dial: (8620) 8471 1441-0

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