Clifford School Goes to Kenya

In January of this year 19 students from Clifford International Program, accompanied by 3 teachers, traveled to Africa for a once in a lifetime opportunity. The students signed up for the trip with hopes of experiencing a new culture, meeting new people, and learning about a part of the world to which they had never been. Little did they know the trip would be one of the most unique and transformative experiences of their lives.

The students of Clifford School were outstanding ambassadors of our school and their own countries, embracing every opportunity with an open mind and open heart. The cultural experiences, ranging from Swahili lessons, cultural hikes, a safari, and volunteering at a Kenyan school were extremely exciting and enriching. The Kenyan people were welcoming and inspiring, leaving an imprint on our students which will undoubtedly last a lifetime.

A key component of the trip was our students participating in the construction of an all-girls Secondary School. The work was challenging and physically exhausting, but also incredibly rewarding.

The students went to the construction site determined to be agents of change and, in doing so, committed themselves to making the world a better place. While the trip lasted only 12 days it created memories and experiences which will last a lifetime.