Clifford School Kindergarten Activity

1、Making moon cake
   On September 17-18, in observance of the Mid-Autumn Day, our K3 children tried moon cake making under our chef¨s guidance and shared their hand-made cakes with their parents. The moon cakes they made tasted unexpectedly delicious.

2、Birthday Party
   On the morning of September 27, a birthday party was held for those born in September and October. Chinese & English songs and dances were performed; The K2 children offered a talent show in hula hooping and basketball dribbling, The K3 children added luster with their fashion show and knowledge contest about China, the teachers brought the birthday party to its climax with their ethnic dances and Qipao fashion show. The party ended with the traditional birthday song.

3、Demonstration Class
   In the afternoon of September 30, a progress report was made in all classes for parents of the children, covering what they have learned in school recently, such as poems, Chinese & English songs, knowledge, etc. They danced with the parents and played games, spending a wonderful time together!