¡¡Most of Clifford School students come from wealthy families living a luxurious life at home. However, over 60% of them choose to live in the school dormitory. This is because Clifford School's collective living conditions are better and beneficial to the students' growth. Whether it is transportation, safety, food and beverage, body exam, body exercise, lesson review or personal hygiene, Clifford School offers their students the most meticulous care, which is more reasonable, more scientific and more comprehensive.

¡¡Clifford School provides the students with 7 sets of school uniforms each year for spring (autumn), summer and winter use. Five meals each day, including breakfast, noon snack, night snack, lunch, and dinner, are all prescribed by a nutritionist and cooked elaborately by cooks in line with the nourishing program. Coarse food grain and flour and rice, vegetable and meat dishes are very well collaborated. A buffet each month sees dining tables covered with delicious Chinese and Western dishes for students to choose their favorite. A birthday party every two months is an occasion for an entertainment evening as well as for a big birthday cake served. A varied but controlled diet nourishes the students well. Each of them are healthy and happy, full of energy. Even the over-weight and weaker children have seen their body quality improved greatly after their entry into Clifford School.

¡¡The dorms of Clifford School are well-equipped with air-conditioners, shower-rooms, laundries and medical establishments. Life care aids and doctors take their rounds in turn round the clock. Each child has his/her own bed, cabinet, desk and reading-lamp, which constitute a small cozy world of their own.

¡¡There are many shuttle buses on diverse routes to send the children to or from school. Escorted jointly by the life care aids and guards, they can shuttle back and forth safe and sound between Clifford School and Shiqiao, Nansha, Guangzhou, Nanhai, Foshan, Shunde, Dongguan. They voice unanimously: "Clifford School is our second home!"