Clifford Kindergarten since 1995, enjoying GD five-star (first one in Guangdong) and GD Top Ten status.
  The Kindergarten sticks to the government¨s ^Guidelines for Preschool Education ̄, cherishes the children¨s childhood, and pays overall attention to their al-round growth. A healthy and colorful 3-year campus life provides the children with a happy childhood rich in experiences that will pave their way and benefit them lifelong.

   The Kindergarten contains two divisions: the Bilingual Division and the International Division. The Bilingual Division uses Chinese and English for various instructions, with the purpose of developing multi-cultural students who respect each other¨s culture, belief, and values.

  The International Division uses full-day English for instruction. Its Western teachers stay with
the children for life and games and for curriculum design, thus creating a true and vivid English atmosphere for the children to touch the language in person and understand the culture behind.  

*details of our Baby Program(for 0-3 years old),please click here>>>