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Clifford Kindergarten¡¯s Baby Class, located at Horizon Club of Clifford Estates, is a pre-kindergarten program, based on Montessori education and Orff music education. This is a scientific, professional, and systematic program developed in accordance with the laws of babies¡¯ growth, with the key periods of each age-group considered.

Our professional teachers, through special materials designed by US & CA experts, will prepare an educational and entertaining environment for your 2-3.5 years old babies.

Individuality and parent-child interactivity is stressed, so that the children, with their parents as their partners, ¡°learn from games, and enjoy while learning¡±. This will bring your children¡¯s potentials into full play, and bring them happiness.

Additionally, we offer regular visit hours for babies to get familiar with our Kindergarten life, as a preparation for their future enrollment in kindergarten. The babies in this pre-kdg program for 1 year or above have priority of admission into Clifford Kindergarten.

Age Program Class Hour
(1 hour/period)
Fee Total Fee Total
(1st hand CE homeowner)
1-2 Years CN Baby Class 2 periods/wk 5000 yuan/Term 4000 yuan/Term
2-3.5 years CN+EN Baby Class 4 periods/wk
(2CN + 2EN)
16000 yuan/Term 13800 yuan/Term

¡ï Application: interested parents are required to register online (www.clifford-school.org) on 8th June, 2015, get the reservation number at 09:00 on 9th June, then go through the admission procedures at our Admissions Office and settle payment on 10th June. Please do mind the above deadlines.

¡ï For first-hand Clifford Estates (CE) homeowners, we need the following documents (original):
* Certification issued by Clifford Estates sales office
* Parents¡¯ ID
* Property ownership certificate or property purchase contract
* Parent-baby relationship (i.e., birth certificate)
* Certification of residence (household register for mainland babies, passport for expatriates)

For inquiry: Admissions Office at 020-84711441, ext. 0. Office Hour: 08:30-17:00 (Mon thr. Fri)

Baby Class, Clifford Education
April 2015

(final application time to be fixed by Clifford Education)