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International/Manitoba Program (2014-2015 School Year)

Summary:The Clifford School International/Manitoba Program is a separate educational milieu within Clifford Estates, which has a population of approximately 200,000 citizens. It is an "Affiliated School" of the Province of Manitoba, Canada. There are approximately 525 students enrolled, with a staff of 45 western teachers and 10 Chinese teachers. The Manitoba curriculum is utilized from Grade 1 to Grade 12 and the Advanced Placement program is available for interested students. The School is audited by the Province of Manitoba on a yearly basis with inspective visits, which include curriculum reviews and interviews with all staff members.

The Manitoba Curriculum is followed throughout the school. It utilizes a closed campus environment in which students attend 55 minute classes throughout the school day. The "core" school day begins at 8:30 and continues until 4:30. Courses are also available prior to and after that time period. Students are required to complete 30 credits prior to graduation. The time allocated for classroom instruction for all courses meets the requirements?of Manitoba Education. The school year follows the western calendar, with teaching hours well in excess of those in Canadian schools. All textbooks meet current Canadian curriculum requirements.

Teachers require a valid Canadian Teaching Certificate or must meet the requirements of Manitoba Education for a Limited Teaching Permit. This provision insures that teachers have the required training for delivery of subject material to the students and also the ability to adapt curriculum requirements to meet student needs. Currently, most of the teaching staff is Canadian, including school administration.

The school offers a full range of academic courses for university entrance. The elective programs include art, choral music, ICT technology, and drama. Mandarin is also taught as a second language from grade one through eleven, and is an elective in grade 12. AP? courses are offered in Statistics, Calculus,?Human Geography, and Chinese Literature. AP is an open-enrollment program.

History: The International Secondary Program is in the 10th year of operation. This year we will graduate our 9th class. The graduates from our program are presently attending or have attended universities throughout the world. Many of our students have been and continue to be scholarship winners. The attached summary outlines educational institutions which have offered opportunities to our graduates and previous award winners.

Facilities and Technology: Our program has recently moved into a new facility. The new building has an expanded science area that will provide opportunities for students to be more actively involved in the chemistry, biology, physics and general science programs. Three new computer labs along with the computer modules in the library will facilitate meeting Manitoba Education’s emphasis on technology resources for educational and research purposes.

The school library has been another important additional resource for the students, particularly in the development of independent research skills. The budget for the library has been substantially increased to allow for the purchase of books and computer software that will result in the library being able to exceed Manitoba requirements.

Activities: In addition to a complete academic program, students enjoy a variety of extracurricular activities that will help shape and develop their character and interpersonal skills. The student council provides an avenue for student leadership and a vehicle for students to communicate with staff and administration. The student council’s primary function is to provide a number of inclusive activities outside of the academic area that will build school spirit and instill pride in their role as students in the Clifford International Program.

The school yearbook is also an avenue for students to undertake leadership opportunities and gain technology skills and experience. The yearbook is produced by staff and student volunteers and is generally a highlight of the school year.

The students also have an opportunity to participate in the Choir program which performs at various venues throughout the year. Student art work is displayed throughout the school and students from the program have been recognized for their work in past National competitions.

The school also participates in a wide variety of inter-school and intramural sports under the sponsorship of the Physical Education Department. To date we have enjoyed considerable success at both the middle and high school levels. The students participate in several sports including basketball, soccer, volleyball, badminton, track and field, and table tennis.

Awards: Students attending our program are eligible for scholarships and awards from within the school, the Province of Manitoba, and universities. Many previous awards that have rewarded student achievement are identified on the attached file.

The school offers awards to the top academic students in Grade 12. Students are also eligible for university entrance scholarships in Manitoba and other universities as determined by a student’s final academic marks. The Governor General’s medal is awarded to the top student in Grade 12 who has the highest average in their last two years of school.

Enrollment Procedure:
1.Potential student candidates are required to first register with the admissions department online at http://www.clifford-school.org. When completed, please print and submit the online application form with a student photo attached, the student data form for Health and Life Care, the Application for School Bus, and the Entrance Examination Notice, along with a copy of the student’s passport or ID, and the previous school’s records if available.

2.After application, an Entrance Examination will be scheduled for the candidate. The student must take the examination on that day; otherwise, the School may assume the candidate is no longer interested in attending Clifford School and will open that roster seat for another candidate.

3.Within two weeks after taking the Entrance Examinations, the parents will be notified of the School’s acceptance decision on the candidate. The decision will be posted online. If accepted, please go to the school to collect the acceptance notification.

4.Upon acceptance and agreement to attend, the student must then undergo a physical check-up and medical examination (including Blood RT, ALT, and liver function) at a hospital designated by the School. If a student fails to undergo a checkup or fails the medical examination, their candidacy may be terminated.

5.Parents may then consider tuition payment with our School’s Accounting Office. Upon payment, the child is officially enrolled at Clifford School for the following semester. The student will be issued an official admissions card. An additional three “pick-up” cards will be issued that would allow parents to pick up their child from School. Parental approval is required if a child is to be dismissed from school without parental supervision.

Payment term (one term payment)

Tuition Meals Total Total Homeowner
Kindergarten (EK1-3) 28,750 2,600 / Non boarding 31,350 28,770
/ /
Tuition Meals Boarding Total Total
Non boarding boarding
Elementary (IP1-IP5) 41,200 3,500 5,500 3,150 Non-boarding 44,700 42,130
boarding 49,850 47,280
Middle School (IP6-IP8) 45,720 3,800 5,800 3,150 Non-boarding 49,520 46,900
boarding 54,670 52,050
High School(IP9-12) 49,430 3,800 5,800 3,150 Non-boarding 53,230 50,610
boarding 58,380 55,760

Uniform: K1-3:1400.00/one, IP1-5: 2000.00/one, IP6-12:2300.00/one
Activity fee:250.00/term(Only for EK1-EK3)
School bus fees excluded.
See Fee Refund Details on backside

Clifford School reserves the right to modify the above conditions without prior notice.

Contact Information:

Email: international@clifford-school.org.cn

Tel: 8471 1441 – 0

For more information, please call Admission Office: (8620) 8471 1441

Bank Account Information
(for you to choose any ONE of them)

Account Name: 广州市番禺区祈福英语实验小学
Opening Bank: 农业银行广州市番禺祈福分理处
Account NO.: 44078201040000128

Account Name: 广州市番禺区祈福英语实验小学
Opening Bank: 中国银行广州市番禺祈福支行
Account NO.: 667857746214

*On the bank slip, fill the “Re.:” blank with your child's name and class he/she is in.
For any question, please feel free to enquire our Accounting Office.

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