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Enrollment Information (Bilingual Program)

Our enrollment for the 2014-2015 school year has started. New students and transfer students are welcome to our Bilingual Program from kindergarten though G11. Here is the enrollment information for your reference:

I. Qualifications for New Students
Would-be new students should be 3-17 years old, in good health, with good behavior. The students should be ready to take our Chinese & English Bilingual Curricula, follow school schedules and timetables, and agreeable to our tuition policies.

II. Procedures of Application & Enrollment

Please apply online for vacancies (www.clifford-school.org), and then come to our Admission Office within 2 days for confirmation of your successful application with the following documentation:
Online Application Form (with serial number), with a recent student photo attached to it.
Student Data (student care department/clinic). ③ Notice of entrance exam/interview
④ Application for School Bus (please print numbers 1-4 yourself)
⑤ Copies of student identification (Residence Book or Passport), and its originals for a reciprocal check only.
The entrance exam/interview after application is required for a would-be student; failure to attend would be understood as your no longer seeking enrollment.

Two weeks after the entrance exam, you may check online for the results, for the final admission, and to print the online notice of admission and physical exam form. Please come to us on time for going through the procedures of registration if your child has been admitted; otherwise you’ll be understood as no longer seeking enrollment.

Upon admission, you may take your child for the physical exam (covering the routine exams, ALT, blood routines, etc.; kindergarten students shall produce the “Manual of Child Healthcare Management” for the physical exam. No admission for failure of physical exam). For registration, please take the completed physical exam form to our Accounting Office, then, with the formal invoice issued to you by our Accounting Office, go to our Admission Office for an “ADMISSION CARD”, which is required to get the school uniforms.

Before your entry, you may have three child-delivery cards (please offer three recent color photos sized 2.2cm *3.2cm of your child, and a recent photo of the person picking up/dropping off the child); as school begins, you are supposed to accompany your child in/out of our campus by producing the said child-delivery card. Students who do not need a parental escort may go to our Life-Care Office or Student Affairs Office for a pass of “Unaccompanied”, with written approval of his/her parents.

III. Tuition Structure (yuan/semester)
Tuition/Fee Dept.
Tuition Meals Boarding   Total Homeowner
Non-boarding boarding
25,100 2,600 4,100 2,460 Non-boarding 28,400 25,820
boarding 32,360 29,780
Tuition Meals Boarding  
Non-boarding boarding
25,690 3,500 5,500 3,150 Non-boarding 29,190 26,620
boarding 34,340 31,770
Middle School
26,190 3,800 5,800 3,150 Non-boarding 29,990 27,370
boarding 35,140 32,520
High School
18,500 3,800 5,800 3,150 Non-boarding 22,300 20,450
boarding 27,450 25,600
High School
31,820 3,800 5,800 3,150 Non-boarding 35,620 33,000
boarding 40,770 38,150
High School
46,580 3,800 5,800 3,150 Non-boarding 50,380 47,760
boarding 55,530 52,910

*Uniform: K1-3:1400.00/one, G1-6: 2000.00/one, G7-12:2300.00/one *Activity fee: 250.00/semester. *School bus fees excluded.
*For refund information see the backside of this page.
Upon government approval, Clifford School has the right to make due modifications to the information above.

For inquiry, please call the Admission Office at: 84711441 - 0

Bank Account Information
(for you to choose any ONE of them)

Account Name: 广州市番禺区祈福英语实验小学
Opening Bank: 农业银行广州市番禺祈福分理处
Account NO.: 44078201040000128

Account Name: 广州市番禺区祈福英语实验小学
Opening Bank: 中国银行广州市番禺祈福支行
Account NO.: 667857746214

*On the bank slip, fill the “Re.:” blank with your child's name and class he/she is in.
For any question, please feel free to enquire our Accounting Office.

TEL: 8620-34774260 34711926 34631014 34631554 34631548
FAX: 8620-34776716