¡¡The Clifford School, a comprehensive school containing a Secondary, an Elementary, and a Kindergarten school, established Clifford Group in 1996. Centrally located in Clifford Estates -- ¡°the No. 1 Estate of China¡± and covering 120,000 sq. meters, the school boasts a spacious and elegant campus. Its teaching resources are all up to, or even exceed, the standards for a provincial level school/kindergarten. Its contemporary academic style, campus culture, unique bilingual education, and multiculturalism are widely acclaimed by the school community and attract overseas as well as local students. Student enrollment and numbers of classes continue to increase, which demonstrates the importance of our bilingual education and our attraction as an international quality school. Right now the school thrives with 3000 students from over 40 countries and regions in the world.

¡¡Our school sticks to ¡°Face the modernization, Face the world, Face the future¡± as our operating principles. We keep evolving an education system that is ¡°oriented to the development of the students¡± and we try every means possible to be in line with international education best-practice., We¡¯ve adopted Western education philosophy and methodology and incorporated the best of both Western and Chinese education models, all in the pursuit of a quality educational service for our students. With the assistance of the International Education Center of Princeton University (USA) and the Institute of Education of Brigham Young University (USA), Clifford School has launched out into a brand-new Chinese & English bilingual model of education. The bilingual system offers subjects taught in small-sized classes (as well as an English Language Center, for intensive small group English language instruction) by 420 Chinese and more than 100 Western teachers from USA and Canada, from England and from Australia and New Zealand, all highly qualified and certificated. Additionally, the school has a cooperative agreement with Manitoba Education and Training (Canada) to develop our Bilingually-Trained talents for the future international community as well as for local/foreign universities.

¡¡Clifford School practices a system in which the principals assume overall responsibility under the leadership of the School Board and supervised by the School Director. The Board Chairman is Mr. Clifford L.K. Pang, General Manager of the Clifford Group (GD). Mr Pang is a patriotic entrepreneur (HK), Chairman of China Pang Linji Foundation, and a member of C.P.P.C.C. The School Director has a Ph.D. The principals are Chinese and Western experts in education, who complement each other in collaboration. Our school abides by strict laws and ethics, giving equal emphasis to firm disciplines and pastoral care, to prepare a scientific set of regulations and a comfortable environment for professional development. We have a modern, internationalized management model that is ¡°oriented to the development of the students¡±, an interactive mechanism for school-community bridging, and various sections in charge of teaching, life-care, financing, safety, medical services, and catering services. Clifford School is well-known for its principled and harmonious campus culture.

¡¡Our achievements in bilingual education over the past ten years have evolved to the satisfaction of our parents and the wider school community: CITA accreditation in 2001 and re-accreditation in 2006, and local accreditation at various levels, such as Guangdong Top Ten Private School in 2003, Guangdong Outstanding Private School, Guangdong Model Private Organization, and Chen Xiangmei Award for Education, Science and Culture for Contribution to the Innovation and Development of China¡¯s Private Education all stamp Clifford School as a provider of quality teaching and learning.

¡¡Our school is an acknowledged leader in the field of private education, and is widely praised by education experts and the school community, enjoying popularity at home and abroad: ¡°¡­Clifford School is second to none of the best schools in the world¡±, ¡°¡­best Asian school in English program¡±, ¡°¡­its students speak perfect American English¡±, ¡°¡­an example to private schools, and for public schools to learn from¡±.